Handmade Jewelry: Gifts That Sparkle!

Handmade Jewelry: Gifts That Sparkle!

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

When you’re looking to give a memorable gift to someone you love, handmade jewelry is your best option. Delight your favorite fashionista with bespoke jewelry trinkets and treasures. Most women dress to impress by choosing designer fashions and topping them off with luxurious jewelry accents. You can always spot a woman that is showcasing her individuality from within in a crowd. When it comes to dressing, a woman’s jewelry is often the most striking part of her outfit. Hit a home run the next time you give a gift to a sister, friend or mother!

Handmade jewelry is an optimal gifting choice as it is original and unlike what everyone else is wearing. Show that special woman in your life just how much she means to you with custom-made jewelry she will adore. When shopping for handmade jewelry, here are just a few options that she’ll simply love.

Engraved Fingerprint Rings

Capture a special moment or memory with a handmade sterling silver fingerprint ring. Whether it is the birth of a child or even your wedding day, engraved fingerprint rings are an exceptional way to create a lasting impression. Handmade artisans offer simple to use clay molding kits to capture the fingerprint of someone you love. The actual fingerprint is added in meticulous detail to either the exterior or the interior of the ring. This gifting option does take a bit of time and maneuvering to pull off. However, the results will last a lifetime. When gifting an engraved fingerprint ring, make sure to tuck it into a wooden gift box so that the recipient has a place to store it safely when not worn.

Handwoven Wrap Bracelets

For a polished look that adds vibrancy and color, a hand-woven wrap bracelet makes an exceptional gift idea for the woman with a bubbling personality. Inspired by Southeast Asia, most handmade wrap bracelets are made from cotton fabric or strips of leather. The finishing touches may include sparkling rhinestones or antiqued brass charms. When shopping for a hand woven wrap bracelet for your recipient, choose a favorite color or a bracelet that has a symbolic charm that will hold special meaning for your loved one. A simple gift box is suitable when gifting the handmade bracelet, but don’t forget the bow!

Pressed Flower Necklaces

The best things really do come in small packages! Pressed flower necklaces are a thoughtful gift option when shopping for that special woman on your gift list. Custom handmade in artisan detail, the finest quality pressed flower necklaces are made using layers of glass and bezeled to create a luminous pendant. Suspended from a brass chain, this gifting option will touch her soul and make an irresistible impression. Before making a selection, pay close attention to her favorite color or flowers to create a nostalgic story that she’ll remember each time she wears it. Your recipient will be impressed with the extra attention that you’ve given to selecting such a valuable gift. Nestle the necklace in a small jewelry box accented with a glitter ribbon for a touch of elegance.


Give a gift that she’ll adore with a lovely handmade jewelry selection that will take her breath away! Please visit: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MissMayoShop

My name is Cristina and I am from Spain. I am now living in a small beautiful village in the North of Spain. I am truly surrounded by nature here and that’s how I started MissMayoShop. I love the idea of keeping those little flowers and leafs I was seeing here and there. Also love that everything comes out to be unique. Even if there are some pieces I´ve made more than once, there are never two flowers/leaves that are exactly the same so every piece is unique and special.

I pick up, select, press and even dye if necessary, the flowers and leaves I use, so you will always take a bit of nature with you!

I love custom orders, so please, do not hesitate on contacting me.


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Boy Shorts Swim Wear: Do They Make You Hot or Not?

Boy Shorts Swim
Boy Shorts Swim

Over the last few seasons, boy shorts swimsuits have seen an increase in popularity on the beaches and around pools. Quite a few conservative females try them, having bought into the pitch “that the boy short works for anyone and that these types of swimsuits conceal your imperfections”. This often results in some major fashion don’ts rather than do’s.

This sort of bathing suits was distinctively designed for women who have narrow hips, low riding waistlines, and long legs, or in a nutshell, Barbie dolls. They’re designed in such a way so to attract attention to the wearer, and in particular the area where it is worn. The leg openings haven’t any elastic lining similar to the lingerie cuts, permitting uncontrolled creeping if you do not have the figure. To the body conscious person, they might appear to be more conservative and modest, however their effect on the male species is the exact opposite.

Males are more often impacted by what’s hidden, not visible, and hot pants and boy style shorts display sufficient flesh to get the imaginations going.

So to guys you donning a pair of these will definitely enhance your sex appeal, however it could also back fire on you.

When compared on a one on one basis, boy style bathing suits is the same as hot pants. So if you think hot pants are modest, then yes, boy style shorts are modest.

When viewing a picture of a woman wearing tight, appealing pants, the eye would be attracted to the pants first before noting the rest of the body. So trying to disguise flaws in something which can get instant interest is… let’s just say not a good idea. It’s like putting a signboard up with blinking arrows.

Due to their cut, if you  have somewhat larger thighs, they’ll ride up your leg, and you’ll continuously have to pull them down to prevent them from bunching. Boy swim shorts are also snug fitting and won’t hide your bulges or bumps at all. Mostly because a males’ interest or eyes will be drawn to the shorts, so if it wobbles you’ve had your chance.. They’re not well suited for an individual who’s not comfortable with wearing skimpy bikini bottoms, or who’s aware of her voluptuous rear while on the beach. Rather, get a skirted bikini or a skirtini for that matter, and direct the attention somewhere else utilizing color and pattern. For a boy, shorts will attract focus on your thighs first, no matter what color you pick.

These pants were originally  designed for taller ladies, to create a definite horizontal line to break up their length. So if you’re average to short in length these pants will break up your silhouette and make you look shorter.  Even with slim hips and thighs, they can cause you to look short. They are not really more conventional, and the low waistline cut won’t stretch out your torso if you are short.

It requires guts to wear such a provocative outfit, particularly once you’re aware of where the interest will be attracted first. Boy style swim wear shouts sex and sex appeal. Why else do you think the designers of Tom Rader would have put their chick in hot pants? She was their quintessential dream babe, rough with sex appeal to boot.

Purchasing Golf Clothes Online

Purchasing Golf Clothes Online
Purchasing Golf Clothes Online

Summer is upon us and the fresh cut grass of the local country membership is calling the title. The new summer time golfing season is finally here and you know that looking great on the program is vital to success. Finding golf clothes online has never been easier, with the growth of the internet and shopping online, finding the proper golfing gear up with for you is easy as can be. There are many benefits from shopping online, you in essence possess everything obtainable to you with a click on of the mouse and quite a few times, the prices are cheaper afterwards retail stores and everything is up to date.

There are so many online shopping merchants which finding whatever it is you want is simple as can be. A simple web search with the product identify can bring almost anything you might ask for to the top of the screen. For example if I have been to research ping golf clothing on a typical Yahoo research, a list of 100,000 websites with ping golfing clothes would appear. Another glorious thing regarding shopping for the golf clothes on the Internet is you can find virtually any size or colour. At big retail store reserves, if these folks do not have an individual’s volume or colour, that person is pretty much out of luck. However, as a internet, if one website shop does not carry precisely which the shopper needs, then examining another keep is very simple.

Another main reason why shopping online is so popular around the industry is the prices. It almost assured once evaluating prices at a retail keep to any online web shop, the online price is reduce. While it is true which when shopping online one need to pay delivery costs occasionally but even with individuals added costs, the price tag is usually still lower in contrast to in a store. Additionally, purchasing in multiple retail store reserves may possess advantages like more choices; they usually possess a similar price at all the stores so conserving cash is really no option. But once shopping online, there are tons of websites devoted to locating someone their product at the lowest price possible. These sites compare price ranges from online shops against one another to save the buyer time from wanting all over the web for the ideal deal.

Also, the Internet is almost at real time in our modern day society, that implies which the most modern and latest trends should always be available to the consumer.